Though In Touch reported today that the country singer proposed to the American Idol alum, 26, in the Dominican Republic this month, can exclusively reveal that the couple is


not headed to the altar.

Congratulations are not in order for Jason Aldean and girlfriend Brittany Kerr.

“This is not true,” a spokesperson for Aldean, 37, tells Radar. “Jason and Brittany are not engaged.”

They may not be tying the knot, but family members tell Radar the pair— who were infamously caught kissing while Aldean was still married to high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery in 2012— are still going strong.

“Jason is very nice and down-to-earth,” Kerr’s grandmother Louvada Barbee told Radar in June. “I hope everything works out.”

Though the blond cheerleader initially apologized for the scandalous lip lock, calling it a “lapse in judgment,” she later turned her fling into a full-blown relationship. Aldrean split from his wife in 2013.


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