Times are changing, so are the opportunities for your child’s education…

The focus on technology is increasing. Online education is the tool that 
provides 21st century learners, grades K through 12, access to the best curriculum regardless of the school district their zip code places them in. 

Colorado Cyber School is part of the Douglas County School district. They 
teach the same curriculum and are held to the same standards as all 
Douglas County Schools. Not all students thrive in the same environment 
and not all students learn the same way. Colorado Cyber School understands that, so they created a new option for your child’s education. 

Benefits of Colorado Cyber School:

· Receive an education from one of the highest ranked school districts in the state
· Any Colorado resident may enroll in the tuition free, district-run school
· Flexibility with schedule
· Sports, travel, health problems
· Individualized learning
· Small class sizes
· Community involvement and social activities through school functions