I was born in Hereford Texas and raised in southwest Denver. I graduated from Abraham Lincoln HS. I grew up listening to KYGO. Like me, my mom was (and is still) a huge fan. I credit her with why I'm here now. I always knew I would be working in the entertainment industry. LOL When I was a kid, I would record myself on a cassete tape (as a radio announcer) and play my recordings for my friends. My most memorable experience in radio was doing voice impressions for an AM station while I was an intern. I was interning for just 2 weeks working with the night DJ. He liked my ideas and had me call in to do skits with him. One night, the radio station owner was listening while we were doing a bit. He liked what he heard and called the night DJ and asked who I was. The owner thought we had chemistry, so he added me to the night show the following evening. The rest is history.

I love the city life and yet, getting away to the mountains. I'm a huge sports fan. I love the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies and Avs and watching my own kids do their thing. I love concerts. Heck I love Colorado!!! I couldn't have done this without JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR, MY BEST FRIEND AND SOUL MATE. AMY, AND MY KIDS, DENE', ADRI & ELIJAH. I LOVE EACH OF YOU DEARLY.

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