• Luke Bryan shows off his baseball skills

    Luke Bryan recently spent some time at baseball spring training. My wife loved that he was rocking some baseball pants ha ha! Click here to see some photos and videos of his day on the diamond... Read More
  • New mom Carrie Underwood looking amazing

    Carrie Underwood is enjoying being a new mom. She recently said that her baby boy is "noisy" but is making her smile each and every day! Well, based on this photo I saw on Twitter, Underwood is looking amazing these days, less than a month after giving birth... Read More
  • Wow! A great cover of Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go'

    As you can see in the following video, sisters Mia and Tuva also share something very special. 11-year-old Mia and her big sister, 14-year-old Tuva, are Norway’s version of this “sister act,” and even though English is not their first language, they decided to choose a sweet country tune for their first time ever in a recording studio. Read More
  • Proposal on a plane??

    PROPOSAL AT 34,000 FEET Read More



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