I am not a lover of milk...

...I never have been. I know, I know...it's good for you, healthy teeth and bones and all that, but I just see it as "cow juice". Although I do enjoy a glass of milk with warm cookies. Here's weird fact #437 about me: I have to put ice cubes IN my milk - I can't stand it if it gets even the slightest bit warm! Don't judge me... LOL!!

Anyway, back to my point. If you are a milk lover, more power to ya!! Our very own Miranda Lambert is a milk lover, so much so that she has jumped on the "Got Milk" campaign. So start looking for her in their ads and do as I say, not as I do: and drink more milk!!! None for me thanks, unless it has ice in it and cookies next to it!

This is a link to tasteofcountry.com/miranda-lambert-got-milk-campaign/

XoXo Alisha