• Dustin Lynch Bleeding After Concert Accident

    Dustin Lynch got a little more than he was expecting while playing a show at the Mullet Festival in Niceville, Florida on Friday (Oct. 17). While Lynch was finishing a cover song, one not-so-nice fan got a little too excited and hurled a full beer can toward the stage, which hit the country singer in the face.
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  • Alan Jackson at Red Rocks

    The year was 1989: Alan Jackson was an unknown singer from Newnan, Georgia, on a brand new label in Nashville, and excited to be releasing his first single and getting ready to go on his first tour as a signed artist. Read More
  • The Coolest Hotels By State

    Unless your name happens to be Arthur Fonzarelli (in which case, that’s crazy!), it’s hard to define the word “cool”. And even harder to apply the label to hotels, when “cool” could mean historic, or trendy, or that the place is actually a decommissioned Coast Guard helicopter with a full-service bar… in your room! See which one of Colorado's Hotels made the list. Read More
  • Look Who Is Going To Be On 'Nashville'

    The singer joins the ranks of other country stars who have appeared on the hit television show. In the third season alone, Florida Georgia Line made an appearance in the premiere, and Luke Bryan shot a cameo too. Looking forward to seeing her on Nashville end of the month! Read More


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